Creating Fairy Gardens with My Grandchildren

Making Fairy Gardens with ChildrenTwo of my grandchildren live a long distance from me and I only get to see them in person once or twice a year. We converse over Skype when we can but we all really enjoy the time together when we visit. They have seen my fairy garden houses online but I hadn’t sent them any for their own yet. This year during my visit I decided to make fairy gardens with them.

I purchased two plant trays, some sheet moss, a few plastic aquarium plants, aquarium gravel, and I brought them each a fairy garden house from my inventory.

I poured the glue and they did the rest. It was a quick project so they didn’t get bored, yet they could each make their own creation.

02LillyAndLoganFirst they glued the sheet moss into the tray. Their dad cut the moss into circles for us. My granddaughter was very careful to press each little section down into the tray. Her brother wanted to work more quickly and I think he really enjoyed it.


They added some other little details which I brought, like fences and silk flowers. Some of the plants were glued into place, others, and the aquarium stones were set loosely in place so they can play with them and change them up later.


I asked them to pose so we could take some pictures. Yep, this is a classic! Smile!

This is a simple, relatively inexpensive project to do with children. You can use doll house miniatures for older children. You can also take a walk in the woods and collect some items from nature to use for houses, walkways, and decorations. Pine cones, for example, make adorable “trees”. Small stones add interesting touches to any miniature landscape. Craft stores usually have some fun items to add. Look in the doll sections, floral sections, even the bead sections will have great little “gems” to add to your project. Don’t forget adding something personal from the child’s favorite collection. Notice the “Lego” man in my grandson’s creation! I love it!


I hope you are inspired to create some little world’s with the children in your life. Try a fairy garden birthday party and let the kids each take home a special garden of their own. I would love to share your projects with my readers. Feel free to contact me at

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