New Fairy Garden Kits!

FG_Kit10I now have Complete Fairy Garden Kits available on my etsy shop. My husband and I have been enjoying making papercrete pots from recycled paper and cement. We have created a few special sizes for the etsy shop and have experimented with quite a few other sizes for art shows. The kit comes with the papercrete container, a fairy garden mushroom house, a bench, stone pathway, and a tiny fairy garden mailbox!  Plants and soil are for the customer to add, but everything else is there for a unique and adorable little garden.

FG_Kit11I have created some sample gardens to show how they look once they are put together. I am having way too much fun! Of course, I have quite a nice collection of plants that look great in a miniature or fairy garden.

A new favorite is Angelina Sedum. In the second photo you can see the bright yellow-green plant on the left of the container. Its leaves are fine and small, perfect for my fairy garden. The color adds a nice brightness next to my moss and miniature Jade “tree”. As the moss grows it will fill in to look more like grass. I will keep the plants well trimmed to remain small and keep the look of the miniature space.

Stop by my shop to see what is new.

If you have a fairy garden—indoor or outdoor—please contact me to share your photos and story. Your little garden may inspire others and we can all celebrate when we view each others creativity.

Thanks for visiting.

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