Containers for Fairy Gardens

I have been busy creating new items and getting ready for the spring garden and craftHanging Fairy Garden shows here in sunny Florida. I have spent some time gathering fun containers for some new fairy gardens that I will have on display at shows. Visit my Upcoming Events page via the link above to learn more about my shows.

Lots of people set up fairy gardens under their trees or in a special spot in the yard, but other folks simply have to create their gardens in containers for mobility and space reasons. I thought you might enjoy a few tips on what to look for in a container that will work well for a fairy garden.

First, think about the size of any fairy garden accessories you might already have. Look through catalogs, go online, or visit your local nursery for accessories. I have noticed that even the craft stores are carrying a wide variety of items now to get you started.Fairy Garden Cottage Take a peek at my etsy shop to see what items I am featuring as well. All of my listings contain the sizes so it will be relatively easy for you to know if they will fit, or to plan a garden around one special piece. One nice thing about fairy gardens is that there is no set size or scale that you have to adhere to. You can create anything you like from your imagination and simply have fun.

I look through thrift shops, craft stores, garden shops, and antique shops for containers that can hold my gardens. I really love antiques, so I am always attracted to containers that might work. I even use tea cups quite often. Search for something on the shallow side, yet wide enough to create a bit of a scene. For metal items, my husband usually drills a few small drainage holes in the bottom for me. Glass containers cannot be drilled, but they do make great terrariums which can be decorated with fairy garden accessories.Fairy Garden in a box

Recently while shopping at a favorite craft store I noticed that most of their metal containers were 50% off. I spent a long time looking through the store and imagining how some of my fairy garden accessories might fit, or what kind of scene could I create with a theme for this container. Needless to say I purchased quite a few metal items and rapidly turned them into small fairy scenes.

In the bird cages and wooden boxes I created miniature silk arrangements for a fairy scene. For other pieces I added soil and plants first, then looked through all of my accessories and added fences, walkways, houses, mailboxes, and small fairies. I usually spend a few days tinkering before I am satisfied. Once I’m satisfied I set the container in a place where it will get morning lightFairy garden in wheelbarrow and afternoon shade. I keep it watered and about once every two months I give it a small amount of fertilizer. I don’t use much fertilizer if the plants are mostly succulents. I also keep and eye on it to keep out the tiny little weeds that try to grow and I keep the good plants trimmed to maintain the small scale effect. Insects can also be pesky if your garden is kept outside. Ask your local garden center which insecticides would work best for your area.

I hope you are inspired and will send me some pictures of your own fairy gardens!

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