Spring Morels Are Here!

MorelMiniHouse05For those northerners who have tried Morel mushrooms, these little fairy garden Morel mushroom houses are just for you!

Inspired by My Childhood

When I was a young girl my parents would take us out to the woods in May and each of us would pick a paper grocery bag (remember those?) full of Morel mushrooms. When we got home my dad would grill steaks and my mom would sauté the mushrooms in something fattening and delicious like real butter! We always looked forward to spring and eating Morels!

As we got older it became harder to find Morels. We still had fond memories and quite often we would find a few gems in the back woods behind our parents house. As a joke one of my sisters found a wooden Morel MorelMiniHouse04that looked very real. We would place it in crazy places to see if the other family members would find it. Whoever found it took a turn putting it somewhere for another family member to find.

As my dad grew older and his eye sight grew poor. One of my sisters put a dollar bill on the ground near the wooden mushroom near his path to the barn. Yep, he found it! Then he placed it in the bed of their camping trailer where my husband and I would stay sometimes when we came to visit. “Oh, what is that under the covers!!!!” We all had a good laugh.

MorelMiniHouse03As you can see, growing up in Michigan and enjoying Morels has left me with some very fond memories. It was also the inspiration for these cute little Morel Mushroom Fairy Houses which are now available on my etsy store.


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