Good Soil

For the past four or five months I have been “Worm Composting”. My daughter found the information and together we made bins. She is using smaller bins at her place and I am using larger ones here. I love the fact that I am recycling the food waste from our kitchen. The worm castings make a wonderful soil amendment for fairy gardens, dish gardens, flower beds, and even lawns! The “Worm Tea” which drains from the bottom of your bin is perfect fertilizer to use directly on your plants. We like to use it on our tomatoes, lettuce, kale, and of course, the fairy gardens.

Here in Florida I keep my bins outdoors, although I will have to protect my little recyclers from the high temperatures of tropical summer. In colder climates the bins may be kept in a basement or garage in winter. There is no odor if the bins are maintained correctly. This simply means that you add your food waste below a layer of bedding made from shredded paper or cardboard. This is the simplest composting system I have ever used. The worms do all the work, and they work hard! I have been amazed at how quickly they turn our kitchen scraps into beautiful black gold.
Here is a link for how to make your own worm composting bin, simple and inexpensive!
Here is a link to more information. Uncle Jim’s has worms, bins, and lots of great information on getting started and maintaining your bins.
Join the movement to amend the soil naturally! By the way, your fairy gardens will LOVE it!

I would love to hear from you and see photos of your fairy gardens, compost bins, and gardens. Check out our upcoming shows on the Upcoming Events page link above.




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