Dish Fairy Gardens

Man holding dish fairy garden

We have been attending our winter shows and spent a weekend in Historic Cocoa Village recently. As always, I have several dish fairy gardens that I bring along to the shows and this one was purchased on Sunday as a gift for the buyer’s mom.

I love to look for containers at vintage shops. I get inspiration from the container, then add plants and lots of fun accessories. I always add a fairy to complete the project.

There are always interesting containers where ever I look, when I keep my eyes and imagination open. I have tea cup gardens, tin pot gardens, hypertufa gardens, and even a flower pot garden in an old iron chair frame.

When adding plants I try to keep in mind where the garden might work. Shade plants are put into one garden together and maybe some succulents in another garden. Keep shade loving plants together and sun loving plants together. Many times the container in combination with the plants become the inspiration for the fairy garden scene. Succulents with round, bulbous leaves look great with gnomes and plants with delicate, feathery textures look pretty with fairies.

Keep your eyes open for new and interesting pieces – and don’t forget I’d love to share photos and stories about your fairy gardens also!

Merry Christmas!

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