Fairy Garden with Mushroom House

This fairy garden recently sold. My husband and I made the papercrete container and then I added many of my fairy garden items, including the large mushroom house, pathway, fairy lantern, mailbox, glass mushrooms, bird bath, and cute “Believe” sign.

I love the new miniature plants that are available at nurseries and plant shows! The small bright greenery around most of the garden is a relatively new variety of miniature sedum. It seems very resistant to bugs, and thickens up nicely to fill in the outer areas of the pot. As it grows a bit it will drape over the edges.

Succulents seem to work so well for fairy gardens. They are hearty little plants that are easy to maintain. Succulents hold water in their leaves, so they are wonderful for the hot summers here in Florida. I enjoy the many different colors, shapes, and textures that they provide.

You can find my fairy houses on my etsy shop: http://debbiejohnsonceramic.etsy.com.

If you have a lovely fairy garden that you would like featured here, please contact me! I would love to share your story and pictures!

Robin’s Fairy Garden

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