New Buttons and Beads

View of Etsy Shop Listings

I have been working on new items for my Etsy Shop during this Covid19 Pandemic. I am truly grateful to be able to work at home, staying safe and not contributing to the problem of spreading a virus.

I have wanted to shift gears for quite some time and this was a good time to work at changing from general garden and kitchen ceramics to focus on my new buttons and beads.

The items are time-consuming, but I enjoy the process of creating them so much I don’t notice! I have been using many of my handmade stamps and I am working on new ones. I make the stamps from clay, scratch and press in different designs, then fire once to bisque fire for hardness. The stamps work beautifully and maintain the originality of my work.

To see the newest items please visit my Etsy shop. I would love to hear from you and see what creations you make from my work. Stay safe.

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