Welcome Fairy Garden Enthusiasts!

My name is Debbie and I’m an illustrator and clay artist. I grew up in Michigan but my husband and I moved to the Atlantic Coast of Florida in 2008. While in Michigan I was an avid gardener with two and a half acres to play with. We had large flower gardens with lots of perennials. When we moved to our tropical paradise I discovered a new world of gardening. Most of what I learned from my Michigan gardening adventures really did not apply here, so I knew I needed to change and learn some new things. I have become intrigued with bonsai and miniature gardening.

Fairy Garden and house
One of the small potted gardens in my collection.

Last year my daughter inherited a kiln. Since it didn’t fit anywhere at her home it now resides in my home studio. With a kiln here I wanted to play with clay and began making Fairy Garden Houses and Accessories. I hope to share fairy garden ideas and some of my newest creations on this blog. I welcome your input, photos, guest bloggers, and ideas. I will be posting occasional photos from my customers so you can see how they have used my items.

Please stop by my etsy shop to see what fairy garden houses and accessories I have featured this week. http://TheEdgewaterShop.etsy.com

Thanks for visiting, stay tuned, and stay in touch!

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