Fairy Houses

GroupMarch2015Most of my personal fairy gardens are in containers. We have a screened area at the back of our house as well as a small patio and there I host several container gardens. The miniature fairy garden houses that I have created fit perfectly into these container gardens with lots of room left over for accessories, rocks, plants, and moss.

I began my clay creations with fairy houses but within the past few months I have added some other fun things to my collection. I now have fairy swings, benches, bridges, and even tiny mailboxes like the ones shown here.

MiniMailbox_AI have the greatest time imagining what might be practical or fun for the fairy gardens and so I come up with new projects all the time.

I hope you enjoy these. Please send photos of your own fairy gardens. I will be happy to post your high quality images and a short text about your gardens.

Please stop by my etsy shop to see what is new.

Thanks for visiting!

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