Oh So New Outdoor Fairy Garden Houses

BFH0110_08I just wanted to share a few more of my new outdoor fairy garden houses that have recently come out of the kiln.

I am exploring new shapes, sizes and textures. The first house shown has a doily-textured roof. Yes. I have an old antique doily that was already damaged. So now I keep it in my studio and press it onto some of my fairy house roof tops for a really beautiful texture.

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BFH0111_08I have two new styles of fairy garden houses. All are perfect for outdoor fairy gardens. The first style is the barrel shaped house. I have created some base molds from my original sculptures, then I add the details and the roof after the clay is released from the mold. Every house ends up unique in shape, form, texture. Most houses have a tiny acrylic “enchanted jewel” for a door handle which is added after the two firings in the kiln.

The second type of fairy garden house has several variations. They are more traditionally shaped box-style houses with peaked roofs. Some look like stone, others like stucco, others like brick. I add chimneys, dormers, or a heart or leafy design to entice the fairies to move in. Each house has unique details and is truly one-of-a-kind.BFH0112_07

Often you will see on Pinterest, and other inspirational sites, fairy houses that are made from wood, found objects from nature or even pre-built bird houses. They are so beautiful. In Florida, however, the salty, moist air can turn these little gems into mush in a few short years. The houses I create are made from sturdy stoneware clay. The same type of clay that is used in bake ware. It is very weather resistant, although I have not tested it in harsh winter conditions and I always recommend that one bring the houses in during freezing winter months. In Florida, and other warm climates, we can keep the houses outdoors all year long.

I hope you enjoy my new designs. Please feel free to share this post with some of your fairy garden friends!BFH0115_08

Thanks for visiting.


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