Fairy Garden Tree House

TreeHouse01I have been working on some new fairy garden houses that are very large. I want to have some “show case” pieces for my upcoming art and garden shows, so I spent some time sketching and designing new works that are very grand and very detailed.

In the first photo you can see my sketch in the background on the left. This piece has a stone entry way with a wood-look door. The roof top and entry roof have leaves draping down and the gnarly wood has two open windows and many, many hearts carved into its trunk. The very top features a small chimney suggesting the fairy who lives here has a fire place.


Large Fairy Tree House Right Side

This house took about four full days to create. It is about 11 inches tall and about 12 inches in diameter. As it dries I am working on another house, similar, but more narrow and about the same height.


This was incredibly fun to build and I am praying that it survives the kiln. It will take about 4 – 7 days to completely dry. Once dry, I will fire it in the kiln. If it survives the first firing, which is VERY high fire, it should be fine for the glaze fire. I plan to glaze it similar to my other houses with the tree theme. I am thinking about adding a little surprise to this piece after it is fired. We shall see.



This is the back view. Hopefully in these photos you can see some of the many details that are carved into the stoneware clay. I plan to create several more similar to this one, but they will be at my art and garden shows only for now. As show season comes to a close and I have a few more pieces I will try to establish the shipping costs and add them to my etsy shop.

Please visit my etsy shop for other fairy garden items currently available. TheEdgewaterShop.etsy.com

Thanks for visiting. As always, I love to hear from you!


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