Fairy Mushroom Houses Ready for the Kiln

Fairy houses drying before going into the kiln.

I’m one of those older folks (not so old, really) who should stay at home. Thankfully I work at home and I can stay busy.

With the pandemic still around so many more people are shopping online and have found my etsy store. My fairy mushroom houses have been really popular, so I made a new batch yesterday. They are currently drying. Once they are bone dry, I will bisque fire them. After the first firing in the kiln I can glaze them to show off their special details. Notice all of the doors have hinges and door knobs. The knobs will get a tiny, sparkly glass bead after the glaze fire. Each roof has a tiny chimney and lots of texture to accentuate the glazes I use.

There aren’t many left on my website, so I’ll be posting new ones within the next ten days or so. Each piece is handcrafted. Each one is unique.

Thanks for visiting and stay safe!


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