Garden Signs Make Great Gifts

Some of my ceramic garden signs.

Due to Covid19 I have been unable to do outdoor art fairs and garden shows this year. I have lots of inventory, so I have been spending my lock-down time taking photos and adding inventory to Etsy. So many of my items make great small gifts for gardeners, co-workers, and family.

I have over 80 different sayings for my signs. I designed the text on my computer and ordered special stamps that I roll into the clay. I have lots of handmade stamps to create designs around the text. After firing three times, one bisque, and two glaze firings, I add stainless steel hanging wire. The wire is great for outdoor display because it resists rust.

Stop by my shop to find great holiday gifts. When you order I can also ship directly to the recipient, and I’ll add a little note detailing that this gift is from you.

Happy shopping!

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