Jewelry Designs with Buttons and Pendants

Jewelry design and guest blog by Terry Jeanette Carter

As little girls, my sister and I loved crafting. Making jewelry was one of our favorite things to do, and growing up in Florida has influenced the style of our pieces. 

When I found Debbie’s buttons in a local shop in Downtown Cocoa Village, I fell in love. I knew they would be beautiful in a piece of jewelry. I love to use unique buttons as clasps and they even make nice pendants.


The last time I was in the area was just before COVID hit. I was visiting my family who still live in the area, and knew I wanted to hit that shop and see if any of Debbie’s creations were still there. I lucked out and found some really nice sea turtle pendants. I bought three of them and made necklaces for my sister, our mom and myself to wear on our next cruise. Unfortunately, that cruise was cancelled, but we have another one scheduled in 2022. I’m looking forward to that time when we can be together and wear our matching necklaces. 

You can find Terry’s work on YouTube at:

And on Etsy at:

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