Jewelry Design Inspiration

Nancy Duesler is a recent customer of mine. She is a self-taught jewelry artist who loves to work with distressed, vintage, and alternative materials. I just had to share the lovely necklace she created with one of my handmade ceramic pendants. She says “The ultimate “high” for me is to work with imperfect media to bring out the beauty so that it brings joy to the soul.

She found my jewelry components on Etsy and fell in with the colors and the blurring between the gold and blue glazes. It looked like a soft focus photo and she happens to love bees. This pendant was a perfect fit with Nancy’s style.

Beautiful necklace created with a Debbie Johnson Ceramic’s Bee Pendant

Click here to see more of Nancy’s beautiful collection at her Etsy Shop. I hope you will stop by her shop to see some of the other beautiful designs she currently has featured. If you like this piece, you won’t be disappointed.

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