Making Lemons into Lemon Curd

Over the holidays I usually take a break from the studio. I spend a couple of weeks, yep…weeks, baking Christmas cookies for my neighbors. More on that in another post. I also picked a few lemons from my Meyer Lemon tree. Yes, they are pretty ugly but perfectly fine to consume. I love these lemons as they are sweeter than other varieties. They are a hybrid of a standard lemon and an orange, so delightful! Hmmm, what to do with lemons? I froze the juice of some for cooking later. It is nice to have the stuff in the freezer for whenever I need to add a little lemon to a dish. It is especially nice knowing that it comes from my own backyard.

You may not know, but, I love tea, tea parties, and scones. So I decided to make a little lemon curd for my scones. It is surprisingly easy! I found several recipes online, then added my own variation—mix and match, if you will. Now I have three nice jars of lemon curd to use on scones, in tart recipes, and as a jam on bread. I covered two of the containers with plastic wrap, then put on the lids and popped them into the freezer. I kept the third jar in the refrigerator for our daily use. What a treat!

Here are a few links to some of the recipes I found. Enjoy!

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