New Beads and Pendants

Attention Jewelry Creatives! I’ve recently added several new beads and pendants to my ETSY shop. I have a large number of new items in the kiln for a glaze fire today, so stay tuned to see what is coming next.
I use Amaco Potter’s Choice glazes for their translucency and shine. Each bead is hand-crafted from stoneware or porcelain clay, often using clay stamps that I carve by hand. Then bisque fire to cone 04 (2000°F), hand-paint on glaze, then fire again to cone 5 (2230°F). The result is a very sturdy, unique collection of beads, pendants, charms, and bracelet connector bars. You won’t find these in any store, and each batch I create is unique in shape, texture, size, and color (glaze combinations).
I am looking forward to featuring the work of several jewelry designers who frequently use my pieces in their creations. Their posts are coming soon, as well as links to their shops where you can purchase ready-made items to add to your collection.

Thanks for visiting!

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