Pauline’s Garden Sharing Beauty

Paula (Pauline’s Garden) purchased some of my pendants a while ago and I recently visited her Etsy Shop. I enjoyed how she employed some of my beads in her work. I reached out to ask if I could feature her creations here. I hope you are inspired as she shares her creativity and the heart-warming intent behind her designs.

“My jewelry is very much inspired by nature including florals and birds.” Paula says, “I love using various mediums to make jewelry including wire wrapping, glass beads, hand-shaped metal, ceramics, fabrics, and lots of colors.”
She started Pauline’s Garden as a way to deal with the grief of losing her mom. She has always made jewelry, but this was a way she could honor her mom and her mom’s dedication to helping others. Paula’s mom worked tirelessly in her life to help children, teens, and anyone in need. She also loved nature, flowers, and birds, and she loved jewelry. A portion of Paula’s profits is donated to places that help families as a way to honor her mom’s memory and love of others.
Paula is a working professional right now, and a part-time creator, but she hopes to have more time to design and make more art than just jewelry in the future. She loves to paint and enjoys many other forms of creative endeavors as well. Paula also loves the customer service part of selling jewelry and helping a buyer feel special from the very beginning to when they open one of her packages.

Paula’s inspiration comes primarily from nature, gardens where there are many colorful flowers, and watching people react to nature.

She is also inspired by strong women and she wants her jewelry to inspire women to feel beautiful. There is something special and uplifting when putting on a beautiful necklace or bracelet to finish off an outfit!

“I think what makes my work unique is that it is made with pure heart and joy. I think many artisans would say the same thing, and I am sure that is true. It also inspires me to think about something other than myself and to make something that makes others feel something whether it is a connection to nature or a place, or just even makes them feel better. This is something my mom always did.” Paula adds, “My favorite materials are glass beads, different types of wire for wire wrapping, ceramics (made by other artisans), and also my new favorite is incorporating crochet or fabric arts in my jewelry.
Overall, making things for others that will make them feel special is what this is all about.”

I hope you will visit Paula’s shop and share her beautiful hand-crafted jewelry with family and friends. Colorful and uplifting, her pieces would be a lovely addition to any outfit and would also make very nice gifts! Visit her Etsy Shop.

Thanks for visiting!

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